Chris Wilkinson Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health
Medical Director Margaret Pyke Trust

President of the Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare

David Johnson
Chief Executive, Margaret Pyke Trust & the Population and Sustainability Network

Rosemary Massouras
Director of Training
Margaret Pyke Trust

Judith Stephenson
Margaret Pyke Professor of Sexual & Reproductive Health, UCL


The Margaret Pyke Trust is the registered charity which founded the Margaret Pyke Centre and originally funded it. Now it supports medical education training courses for professionals and, alongside University College London, supports research in the field of contraception and sexual & reproductive health. Since 2003, the Trust has been the principal sponsor of the Population and Sustainability Network (PSN), its international programme. PSN works internationally to promote the profile of population related matters within the agendas of governments, policy research bodies and non-governmental organisations, with the aim of increasing support for investment in voluntary family planning programmes.

The Margaret Pyke Centre is one of the busiest contraceptive centres in the world seeing between 600 and 900 patients per week. It is the hub of a network of clinics across Brent, Camden and Islington in Central London. Over a 12 month period, the whole service carries out approximately 75,000 consultations.

At its exciting new location in Kings Cross, the Centre is a friendly, discrete and free NHS contraception and sexual health clinic offering a full range of services by Camden Provider Services .

We offer routine appointments and emergency walk-in services.